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St. George Terminal Staten Island.
The Staten Island Ferry Terminal has been transformed from a drab, dirty waiting area to a bright, clean transportation gateway. The new terminal features large windows allowing for views of the harbor and high ceilings to provide a well lit, open environment. There will be a wide range of shops and restaurants, and an outdoor plaza. The transportation connections for ferry, bus, train, and car have been vastly improved. The new terminal incorporate dramatically improved conditions for commuters and visitors. One of the most noticeable changes in the terminal waiting room is the removal of the harbor side brick wall, which has been replaced with a 40-foot tall glass wall. The Art Commission said, "People who are waiting for a ferry boat will be able to look out and see it coming. The new terminal is a true oasis and a fitting gateway for Staten Island." The renovations have established a truly modern transportation hub for over 65000 daily riders. Passengers at St. George can enjoy enhanced dining options, and a new outdoor promenade will ease existing pedestrian access between Bay Street and the terminal. The terminal also contains upgraded restrooms, public address system and new signage. A Photovoltaic louver system will save 25% of the energy needed to operate the facility. Other "green" features of the facility include an 18,000-square-foot living roof which will support living vegetation of local flora is visible from the public viewing area of a waterfront plaza atop the terminal building. Instead of a storm water drainage system, run-off will be collected in a cistern and used to irrigate the soil of this roof-top garden. The New York City Economic Development Corporation administered the project on behalf of the Department of Transportation. The New York office of Hellmuth Obata + Kassabaum was the architect for the project, and construction management services were provided by Skanska USA
St. George Terminal Tropical Fish Tanks.
Two new 8-foot tall, 1,600-gallon salt water fish tanks have been installed in the Staten Island Ferry's St. George Terminal. The Borough President James P. Molinaro allocated $750,000 in capital funding for these tanks, which are a part of the Borough President's tourism effort. Each tank holds 200 tropical fish and will be maintained by the Staten Island Zoo. The tanks were revealed to the public on February 19, 2008.
St. George Terminal Construction Projects.
The Staten Island Ferry Terminal
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